Leveraging years of experience of Raily Aesthetic Medicine in managing aesthetic medical institutions and the expertise in sales and marketing of aesthetic medical services, the Group provides management consulting services to third parties aesthetic medical institutions in relation primarily to operations and administration, and sales and marketing; and third parties physicians in relation primarily to their professional biography building, sales and marketing as well as operation and administration of the aesthetic medical business. Such services do not involve any authorization of using the Group’s trade name or intellectual property rights.

Based on the specific profile of the Group’s clients and their specific operational or marketing goals, the Group’s management consulting services may include the following:
  • in relation to the operations and administration of the clients’ aesthetic medical institution:
    formulating overall operation plan for clients
    designing and establishing standardized operating procedures and service process in aesthetic medical institutions or at the practicing site of the physician
    designing and establishing the standardized management system of procurement
    designing and establishing client feedback management system
    designing and establishing organization structure and recruitment system
    designing key performance indicators and salary structure for staff
  • in relation to the sales and marketing of the clients’ aesthetic medical institution:
    formulating overall sales and marketing plan
    designing promotion and marketing activities
    selection of appropriate e-commerce or other online platform to promote and market clients’ aesthetic medical services
    maintaining and operating online shops of clients
    providing training to staff regarding sales and marketing strategies
  • in relation to the personal biography building for individual physician client or the key physicians of the clients’ aesthetic medical institution:
    designing the contents of clients’ online platforms by compiling the biography of experienced physicians or the physician’s own biography, as the case may be, to highlight client’s strengths and expertise
    selecting the most suitable user’s experience as showcases published on online shops