• Hangzhou Raily was awarded the Top Five Lipoplasty/Fat Transfer Hospital by Soyoung.com
  • January, Hangzhou Raily was rated as a 5A Aesthetic Medical Institution by the CAPA
  • March, Hangzhou Raily was awarded A Level Aesthetic Medical Institution in Zhejiang and Standardized Medical Quality Outstanding Contribution Award by the ZAPA


  • December, Hangzhou Raily was awarded the 2018 Academic Contribution Award and the National A-level Advanced Unit Award by the Zhejiang Association of Plastic and Aesthetics (“ZAPA”)
  • December, Hangzhou Raily was awarded the AliHealth Most Popular Medical Institution Award by AliHealth
  • December, Hangzhou Raily was awarded the Popular Aesthetic Medical Merchants in Hangzhou City by Meituan


  • December, The Group commenced to provide aesthetic medical institution management consulting services


  • January, The Group was awarded the Special Merit Award by the Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics (“CAPA”)


  • July, The Group established the fourth aesthetic medical institution, Wuhu Raily in Wuhu City, Anhui Province


  • March, The aesthetic medical business of the Group was expanded to city outside of Hangzhou City by establishing the second aesthetic medical institution, Ruian Raily in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province
  • August, The third aesthetic medical institution of the Group, Hangzhou Raily was established


  • August, The Group acquired Hangzhou Huaren Plastic Surgery Clinic Co., Ltd. (currently known as Raily Tiange) as the first aesthetic medical institution